Thursday, January 11th – General Meeting

Thursday, January 11th – General Meeting

Bob Pattie is sick and can not do the planned meeting on map reading.

Our new topic will be:


We will discuss three types of tumblers.

  • Lot-O Vibrating Tumbler by Kat
  • Small Home Rotary Tumbler by Mark
  • Large 4ft. Outdoor Tumbler by Mike

We will have a Q & A session on tumbling plus hopefully solve any problems you may have tumbling.


Show ‘n Tell: A fossil or concretion.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our meeting.

The Kat

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Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile . . . I am busy with planning and writing the website to sell booth space for our 2020 Show. I am also the Bulletin Aids Chair for NFMS this year. It is the busiest time of the year for this position as I am in charge of all the NFMS contest submissions except websites. Thank goodness, this closes our shortly. FYI: There isno conflict of interest as I do not judge any of the entries from our club. Mike has threatened to tie my hands down in order for me not to

Meeting Announcements

  •   Meeting Topic: Our Field Trip Leader Roger Dennemen will talk about planned field trips for 2020. He will also have samples of the rocks, minerals and crystals that can be found.   Show ‘n Tell: What have you found on a field trip.   Hope to see everyone!  

  • The Young Tumblers (youth members) have their own door prize drawing at each meeting. We encourage our Young Tumblers to participate in Show ‘n Tell each month. We also have a section of our monthly newsletter for them only to earn Rock Bucks. Rock Bucks can be spent on the monthly raffle or the club auctions we have throughout the year. The website and newsletter now has your own section. Be sure to look at to see what’s new this month and any announcements.

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