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From the Top of the Rock Pile . . . . . . .

Mike and I had a great road trip to the Tucson Gem Show, San Antonio – Texas, Buckhorn – New Mexico and an unexpected stop in Quartzsite. There were still many vendors there until the end of April.

During our trip I found out my sister had a stroke so Mike dropped me off near Palm Springs to be with my sister and he then headed home.

Shortly after Mike returned home my car was stolen and our house broken into. All our treasures from our road trip were still inside my car. Luckily they didn’t steal much from inside our house. Mike was home and once they entered our kitchen and dining area they must heard someone was inside the house and awake. They must have been spooked and immediately left with my car.

I have been home since April 11th. Ever since returning home I have been dealing with my car and home owners claims with my insurance company.

I am sad to say there will be no Thursday general club meeting or Board meeting in May. I am very hopeful that we will see everyone in June.

The Board has been discussing what to do regarding our gem show. If we do proceed forward with it what changes do we need to make? Do we need to provide hand sanitizer and masks for all visitors? Are people going to want to come out to a show where there are a large group of people? Should we have fewer booth space and/or lower the price of booth space? This would substantially affect our bottom line. Are we going to have enough volunteers to run the show? If we proceed with our show, we must do everything to make sure our vendors make money. Are people going to have discretionary money to spend on rocks and minerals? If we do cancel it we will have to absorb the expenses already incurred. Such a big decision.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in June. We all need some “rock talk” with our club friends!

Kat Koch

Updated: June 8, 2020 — 9:02 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile . . . . . . . The bad news, again no meeting in August. Very sorry we have had to cancel our annual picnic at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. I am so hopeful that in the near future we will be able to have a meeting. I really miss seeing everyone. Our monthly field trips are continuing. There nothing like getting our doors and collecting rocks. Our state is so beautiful and summer has arrived! Check our website and register for field trip reminders or new field trips. Also check out the

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  •         Our annual picnic has been canceled due the virus. Stay safe and hopefully we will see each other again soon. Kat Koch, President

  • Diamond Dan has generously given us permission to post or distribute Mini Miner’s Monthly, a publication for young rock hounds. It has a lot of good activities for our Young Tumblers. They will not only learned some interesting rock and mineral facts but also activities to keep them busy.

  • Please remember to renew your membership for 2020 if you have not done so. Even though we currently can not have club meetings we are making every effort to keep our club running smoothly. We are still providing you with our monthly club newsletter. Our field trips are continuing so check out our field trip link for May’s next adventure. On field trips we will require 6 ft distancing and no carpooling other than with your immediate family. Our “Young Tumblers” can continue to work on their badge of choice. All the badges you can earn is under the Young […]

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