President’s Message – June 2023

From the Top of the Rock Pile …. by Kat Koch

Table Lamps – Remember we are looking for new table lamps for our show ‘n tell tables. If you go to Goodwill, a similar store, or would like to donate, the lights must fold up easily for storage. Save the receipt and the club will reimburse you.

Our June meeting is Rock Bingo!

Rock Bingo is always a fun night for all members, young and old. The Kent kids are out of school, so they don’t have to worry about school the next day. 

The club is looking for schools or libraries to put in rock and mineral displays. If you have any ideas on what schools or libraries we can contact, please let Linda Jorza or Kat know. We will do the rest.

Our gem show is fast approaching. Chris, Show Coordinator, needs several volunteers as much prep work needs to be done. Elsewhere in this newsletter is her call for help. It takes a village to put on a show of our size! Please consider helping her.

A lot of effort goes into putting on a show like ours. The venue, advertising, dealer support, food, displays, set up and tear down, and much more go into the planning of our annual show. We have several new vendors and activities planned this year. Please pass the word around about our upcoming show. Our attendance goal this year is 5,000 visitors.

We will need a work party in July or August to fill bags with polished rocks, make case liners, and price items for the club sales table.

Peggy is also busy booking the case displays and organizing the new activities for the show.

Your volunteering has a lot of value as all the profits from our show go towards obtaining an indoor shop and a new meeting room. Please volunteer!

This a reminder that the Billings Montana show is on August 4th through 6th. The NFMS and AFMS combined show and only happen every 7 years. Not only is it a big show, but they also have numerous free speakers and classes. Montana is a dinosaur country, so you will find displays and speakers discussing them. We also get to see material from areas outside of Washington. It would make a great family vacation. It is a show on steroids!

We continue to get new members weekly by registering online or in person at our monthly meetings. We welcome each of you to our great rock and gem club. When you attend our monthly meeting, please introduce yourself to me, as I look forward to meeting everyone.

I also appreciate all the members that renewed their membership!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the May meeting.

Kat Koch, President

Updated: October 8, 2023 — 12:58 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile Our Gem Show is on June 29th and 30th, with set-up on June 28th. Roger is looking for volunteers, so be prepared to help when he calls or emails you. We need a volunteer to ensure all the signs we need inside the venue are made and printed. We also need a volunteer to order street signs for our new location, place them before the show, and take them down. Then I am looking for a volunteer to take charge of the club sales table and set up the sales table. We need

Meeting Announcements

  • Topic: Out-of-state rockhounding sites by Roger Danneman Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, etc. – So many rockhounding places! We have a few members who have combined a road trip vacation and rockhounding that will collaborate on this. It’s interesting to see the variety of material from these areas. After this meeting, you may want to plan a road trip too! Show ‘n Tell: Show us something you have found or bought on a road trip.

  • April 11th – Rock Bingo (Spring Break) and Food Drive This meeting is our annual “Rock Bingo” night. It is held during spring break so our Young Tumblers and their friends can attend without worrying about school the next day. Each member is asked to bring 3 wrapped items for each person who intends to play Bingo. You can play up to 3 games in person, and every person goes home a winner. Please try to donate an item you would like to receive, not junk slabs and rocks. Let’s all plan to have a fun evening together. Guests are welcome, and we encourage our Young Tumblers to bring their friends. Food Drive – We are collecting food for the Kent Food again. Try to donate 1 item or more for every person playing Bingo.

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