President’s Message – July 2022 (Click Here For More Info)

From the Top of the Rock Pile 
Our Cascade Gem & Mineral Show is coming up. We will be about 6 weeks from show time when you read this! We desperately need volunteers. Elsewhere in this issue is a list of the tasks we need help with. Please seriously look over the list and volunteer where you can.
Many of you have contacted me asking what happened to the YouTube LiveStream of our June meeting. Well, we have discovered that there isn’t a strong and reliable internet connection at the American Legion Hall. We also tried using a hot spot on our cellphone, but there isn’t a cellphone signal. The American Legion Hall sits in a gully or bowl and hasn’t any cellphone service.
The meeting will still be recorded but won’t be available, at the latest, until the Sunday night following the meeting. Don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe”!
A reminder, there is no general meeting on July 14th. We have our annual club picnic instead on Saturday, July 16th, at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. The Arboretum provides picnic tables for us, and there is plenty of free parking.
It is a potluck, and the setup starts at 11 am. Lunch is at noon. Our club auction will follow lunch. Please bring a main dish, side dish, salad, fresh rolls and butter, dessert or drinks. It is all up to you. We generally have around 30 people. Also, bring your own plate and silverware.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would like to donate something to the auction. All funds raised from these club auctions go into the treasury to cover expenses. Since expenses are always going up, the auction proceeds help keep our dues low.
Remember, you are always welcome to bring guests to our meetings, picnics, or field trips.
We continue to get many new members every month. So if you are a new member, please be sure to come up and introduce yourself at our meeting. That way, I can tie your name to your face.
I hope to see all of you at the picnic.

Kat Koch, President


Updated: November 1, 2022 — 12:44 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile …. by Kat Koch Table Lamps – Remember we are looking for new table lamps for our show ‘n tell tables. If you go to Goodwill, a similar store, or would like to donate, the lights must fold up easily for storage. Save the receipt and the club will reimburse you. Our June meeting is Rock Bingo! Rock Bingo is always a fun night for all members, young and old. The Kent kids are out of school, so they don’t have to worry about school the next day.  The club is looking for

Meeting Announcements

  • Topic: Mount St. Helens, Paul Ahnberg will be giving the presentation. Paul has been taking a months-long class on Mount St. Helens. It has included not only in-class studies but also a few trips to see Mount St. Helens. Paul says, “One thing I quickly recognized is that there is a lot more to the Mount St Helens story beyond the geology and eruption aspects.” So mark your calendar now, as this should be a fascinating lecture. Show ‘n Tell: Bring a sample of volcanic rock from your collection. A few samples of volcanic rock are Obsidian, Rhyolite, Pumice, Basalt, and Andesite.

  • Topic: Our annual club picnic at Lake Wilderness. Our picnic is always a friendly event on the lawn among the trees. For lunch, it is a potluck picnic. So bring a dish to share. If you don’t cook, pick up something from the market. If you are unable to bring anything, that’s okay too. We would rather have you join us for lunch than not. We generally have around 25 to 35 members attend. Bring your plate and silverware. Setup is 11:30 am, and lunch is at noon. We usually wrap things up by 3 pm. The Arboretum has plenty of free parking. Following, we have a club auction. The auction is a great chance to pick up items at a fraction of their retail cost. You are welcome to donate items to the auction. All proceeds go to the club treasury to cover expenses. Our Young Tumblers can also spend their saved “Rock Bucks” at the auction just like cash for items they want. Afterward, Lake Wilderness is nearby for swimming, plus various play areas for the younger kids. Our annual picnics are always a great family event!

  • Topic: Pre-Gem Show Rally and then “I Made It,” “I Found It,” and “I Bought It.” This meeting is a fun new activity on our calendar. “I Made It,” “I Found It,” and “I Bought It.” You may bring up to 3 items for each category. Items must have been made, found, or bought within the last year. Winners of each category receive a prize. Members will vote for their favorites in each category, and then only 1 prize per adult and 1 prize per Young Tumbler for each category will be awarded. Plan on bringing items, as this should be a fun evening as we get to mingle with each other and talk rocks! Show ‘n Tell: They are your above entries.

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