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From the Top of the Rock Pile ….by Kat Koch

We are starting to plan our 2023 Cascade Gem and Mineral Show. We still need a Show Chairperson. The show dates are September 16 & 17, 2023. The venue has been booked, we have a 1st Co-Chairperson, and many major show areas already have volunteers committed to covering them. Now we need a coordinator – that’s the Show Chairperson. I have copious notes on what needs to be coordinated. I am very willing to work closely with the Show Chairperson; to guide them, share my knowledge, and give you my two cents when you ask for it. Please seriously consider volunteering. It is a coordinating job that can be done from home.

2023 is the year our club starts its 75th anniversary. There is so much to celebrate in reaching this milestone. There was a period of about 5 or 6 years after the club left the Boeing property and also had to change its name that the board didn’t think we would survive. Today we are entering 2023 as a financially healthy, growing, and active club. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our success and the ability to celebrate 75 years!

We have two interesting meetings coming up for January and February. I hope all of you attend the meetings. It is always great to see everyone at our meetings and to get a chance to visit with each other.

Welcome to all our new members. I also appreciate all the members that renewed their membership! When you attend our monthly meeting, please introduce yourself to me, as I look forward to meeting everyone.

Kat Koch, President

Updated: December 31, 2022 — 12:16 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile …. by Kat Koch Our February was another good meeting. Almost 40 members attended, most of which displayed what they make or collect. It was interesting to see everyone’s interests. Plus, I always enjoy these types of meetings as we have the opportunity to talk and visit one another. We missed our three Young Tumblers, Mason, Bentley, and Jude. I hope we see you at our April meeting, where we have fluorescent rocks and minerals and anything else we can find that change color under black light. We scheduled this meeting as the

Meeting Announcements

  • General Meeting – Thursday, April 13th This meeting has been planned for April because the Kent, Renton, and Covington School Districts are on spring break, so all our Young Tumblers plan on attending this fun meeting as there is no school the next day. Bring your friends too. Topic: Fluorescent Rocks!! Not all rocks are what they seem. We have all heard about shapeshifters in sci-fi movies. How about very real color shifters? The club will have a collection of fluorescent rocks for everyone to see. It is interesting to see the different colors rocks become under short or long-wave UV lights. We will then examine members’ rocks and see what happens under UV light. Show ‘n Tell: Bring your rocks, and we will see if they change colors too. This is a fun meeting, so gather up your rocks that you suspect might be fluorescent and bring them to the meeting!!

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