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From the Top of the Rock Pile

Our holiday party was a huge success. We had 43 members and guests attending to celebrate the holidays together. It was so good to see everyone!
Our auction proceeds were the largest we have ever had. $1,077 less $33 Rock Bucks = cash to the treasury of $1,047. So that you know where this money goes, a major portion of this will cover our liability insurance for the coming year. The premium went sky-high for 2022. The policy is out for bid to ensure we get the best coverage possible for what the club can afford.
One reason for the tremendous success of the auction was due to the fantastic donations. Rich Russell (faceted citrine in sterling silver pendant setting) and Malcolm Wheeler (matching faceted white Topaz earrings and pendant stones) donated faceted stones that they had cut themselves. In addition, there were so many other outstanding donations from John, Dave, Terri, Roger D, Roger P, Kat, Linda, Mike, and many others. I am so sorry if I have omitted your name. I extend a huge “Thank You!” to everyone.
It was also good seeing some of our members we haven’t seen in a while: Dick Morgan, Keith Morgan, Dan and Sue Rieger, to mention a few. We also had a couple of new family members sign up.
I also want to thank Angie, Brian, and Bev for setting up the potluck table with food and decorations, then cleaning everything up.
Our members are fantastic — everyone pitched-in in so many ways without asking.
Our next meeting is on January 13th, Thursday @ 7 pm, via Zoom. Check the website for details. You should receive an email after January 1st with the Zoom meeting link. You can join the meeting via your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
If you are working on a lapidary project (or tumbling) and need help, we are all here to help each other. If you have a question or need help, reach out to someone on the board or another member. Also, if you need grit, the club has some for our CMS members at a great price. Contact Diana Horsfall (she is Bob Pattie’s daughter) and she will arrange for you to get some. Her contact info is on page 2 of the Tumbler each month.
Our lapidary shop is still at the same location. The shop is presently winterized for the next few months. As soon as the weather permits, you can make reservations to use it. Diana will handle making reservations to use the shop. Her contact info is on page 2 of the Tumbler each month.
Don’t forget to renew your membership if you have not already done so. It can all be done through our website or at our regular meetings.
We have both new and old faces on the board for 2022. I hope for some fresh ideas and input from the board and our members. Always feel free to email me from the contact page on our website with your thoughts or feedback. My email address is also on page 2 of the Tumbler each month.
We continue to get new members every week. Our membership is now over 100 families. So if you are a new member, please be sure to come up and introduce yourselves.
Wear a mask, be safe and stay healthy as we all want to see each other throughout 2022.
Kat Koch, President
Updated: January 14, 2022 — 3:34 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile . . . . The Gem Faire in early November went very well. It was good to see some version of normalcy. I enjoyed all the people, visiting with the vendors, seeing the bright lights and sparkles. Our booth spinning wheel gave out a whole bucket + of polished rocks. It was more than I expected as this was an event that children don’t usually attend. I suppose it’s because more families are attending as there are more and more rock and mineral vendors with each Gem Faire event. Several vendors came to

Meeting Announcements

  • At the time of this posting, we don’t know if this meeting is going to be online or in-person. So check back at the beginning of February to see where this meeting is being held. Either way, the topic will be the same. Meeting Topic: We are going to have a speaker talk on how to be environmentally conscious in regards to lapidary. Where is it ok to pour out the water from tumblers and flat laps? How to safely clean rocks and dispose of chemicals used to clean them. Also, waste products from other lapidary arts. Show ‘n Tell: Be proud, show and tell what you have cut, polished, or made from rocks, minerals, or fossils?

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