President Message – August 2022 (Click Here For More Info)

Sorry for the late update on the website. Due to Covid and the flu, our family has been sick.

I would also like to note, that we have lost our videographer. Until we find a replacement volunteer, our meetings will not be on YouTube.

From the Top of the Rock Pile 

Our Cascade Gem & Mineral Show is coming up. We will be about 2 weeks from show time when you read this!

Our August meeting will be a recap of what’s going on at our Cascade Gem Show. It will also be our last call for volunteers. Then Jim Cerezie and his Aidan will tell us about their rockhounding adventures around the northwest. They have a YouTube channel called “Vug Meister.”

I want to note that over half of the volunteers listed below are members who volunteer for everything, plus 4 are not club members! We can still use additional volunteers on Thursday late afternoon/early evening to mark off the booth spaces, on Friday to help set up, and on Saturday for various tasks during the show.

If you have time to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Just email me that you are available on which days and times. You can also call or text me. My phone number is on page 2 of this issue. Please let me know if you intend to show up to help so that I know we have all the bases covered.

I want to acknowledge and thank everyone that has offered to volunteer to date. I greatly appreciate your offer to help with our gem show. The show would have fallen apart without your volunteering. People like you are more valuable than diamonds. Thank you in advance for your time and hard work.

Paul Ahnberg

Noelle Barnes

Angie Bayer

Brian Bayer

Charley Benedict

Caly Bird

Mike Blanton

Van Cleland (non-member)

Ananda Cool

Dave Cornell

John Cornell

Alex Danneman

Roger Danneman

Aaron DeSelma

Sue Fox (WSC member)

Fred Funk

Julie Galliani-Manso

Terri Gerard

Garry Hartzell

Kathy Hartzell

Diana Horsfall

Linda Jorza

Kat Koch

Gina Manso

Zach Pratt

Jennifer Russell

Rich Russell

Peggy Shashy

Larry Smith (non-member)

Randi Smith (non-member)

James Starke

Mike Stearns

Vicki Stearns

Christina Vitellaro

Bev Williams

Pete Williams

Our annual club picnic went very well. We had 32 people join us at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum for a potluck lunch and then the club auction. It was good seeing everyone and visiting with each other. Thank you to everyone that purchased items at the auction. The auction brought in $515 for the club treasury.

I also want to give a big thanks to Rich Russell for his donation to the auction. Rich creates such outstanding faceted stones. This time, his donation to the auction was a beautiful faceted 6.62-carat Citrine stone set in sterling silver. Rich does such incredible work!!

We continue to get many new members every month. So if you are a new member, please be sure to come up and introduce yourself at our meeting. That way, I can tie your name to your face.

I hope to see all of you at our August meeting.

Kat Koch, President


Updated: October 15, 2022 — 11:28 am

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile ….by Kat Koch We are starting to plan our 2023 Cascade Gem and Mineral Show. We still need a Show Chairperson. The show dates are September 16 & 17, 2023. The venue has been booked, we have a 1st Co-Chairperson, and many major show areas already have volunteers committed to covering them. Now we need a coordinator – that’s the Show Chairperson. I have copious notes on what needs to be coordinated. I am very willing to work closely with the Show Chairperson; to guide them, share my knowledge, and give you my two cents

Meeting Announcements

  • General Meeting – Thursday, January 12th Topic: Thunder Eggs This January, we’ll storm into the year’s presentations with a crowd favorite – Thunder Eggs! We’ll begin with some fascinating Thunder Egg science – how they’re formed, what they’re made of, where they can be found, etc. – and then we’ll jump into a fun Show-n-Tell. Share some of your favorite Thunder Egg specimens from your collection. Members will vote on their favorite Thunder Eggs. The door prize winners will be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Thunder Egg owners. Show ‘n Tell: Bring a few of your favorite Thunder Eggs to share, along with your favorite Thunder Egg stories and cutting/polishing advice. Myth: The Thunder Egg was believed by the Pacific Northwest Native Americans to be thunderous rock eggs thrown across the valley between Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson in Oregon by the warring Thunder Gods whenever they became angry with or jealous of each other. Hence, the English version of the Indian name is “thunder eggs.” We’ll see you there!

  • General Meeting – Thursday, February 9th Topic: Let’s take a look at what our members make or collect. Do you intarsia, knapping, carve rocks, tumble, make jewelry, facet, field trip finds, cabbing, silversmithing, spheres, specific minerals, rocks or fossils, or ? Please bring 3 to 6 samples and show them off at this meeting. Be prepared to tell us about your items. Show ‘n Tell: The topic at this meeting is a big show ‘n tell session. Show Off Your Interests We Would All Love To See What Our Members Are Doing

  • General Meeting – Thursday, April 13th This meeting has been planned for April because the Kent, Renton, and Covington School Districts are on spring break, so all our Young Tumblers plan on attending this fun meeting as there is no school the next day. Bring your friends too. Topic: Fluorescent Rocks!! Not all rocks are what they seem. We have all heard about shapeshifters in sci-fi movies. How about very real color shifters? The club will have a collection of fluorescent rocks for everyone to see. It is interesting to see the different colors rocks become under short or long-wave UV lights. We will then examine members’ rocks and see what happens under UV light. Show ‘n Tell: Bring your rocks, and we will see if they change colors too. This is a fun meeting, so gather up your rocks that you suspect might be fluorescent and bring them to the meeting!!

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