Oct 16th, 2021 Red Top Mtn Field Trip Report

On Oct. 16th we went to Red Top again and it was another gorgeous day. Clear blue skies and temps in the 60s. We had 26 people in 13 vehicles. 22 made the hike up hill to the meadow while 4 did the lower dig. A few of us did both.

I found a few nice agate nodules in the Meadow dig and some very nice agate and jasper in the lower dig site.

Our next field trip is scheduled for Nov. 6th at First Creek. This is a 2 mile hike on a good road bed with a few ups and downs. Jogging carts or wagons work well to carry the load. Mostly we find agate nodules, crystal plates, and geodes (whole or fragments) here. This is probably our last field trip for 2021, unless we get some nice late Nov. or early Dec. weather. Trip info goes out a week before the trip.

Submitted by Roger Danneman Field Trip Guide (roger.danneman@gmail.com)
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Updated: October 22, 2021 — 6:40 pm

Presidents Message

  • Sorry for the late update on the website. Due to Covid and the flu, our family has been sick. I would also like to note, that we have lost our videographer. Until we find a replacement volunteer, our meetings will not be on YouTube. From the Top of the Rock Pile  Our Cascade Gem & Mineral Show is coming up. We will be about 2 weeks from show time when you read this! Our August meeting will be a recap of what’s going on at our Cascade Gem Show. It will also be our last call for volunteers. Then Jim

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  • Topic: This is our last meeting before our Cascade Gem and Mineral Show. There will be a rundown of our show and what you can expect to happen. It will also be our last call for volunteers. It is imperative that we get more volunteers. As Roger, our Field Trip Guides, says “Many hands make light work.” You don’t have to wait until this meeting to volunteer for the show. Just click on the website front page link to volunteer. Unforeseen change in the meeting agenda. Bring or ugliest or most unusual rock, fossil, or mineral. Be prepared to tell us what it is and where you found or got it.  

  •   Topic: A recap on how our Cascade Gem and Mineral Show went. Financial analysis and a critique of the show. What went great, and where do we need to improve next year. Then we are going to try something new. A sticky note timeline chart. We are going to have a yearly timeline chart from 1935 to 2022. We are going to ask you to put 3 sticky notes on the timeline with your name on each and then 1st Note first time you went rockhounding and your age 2nd Note the most memorable rock hobby event in your life and your age 3rd Note another memorable rock hobby event in your life and your age Then place each of your sticky notes on the timeline. Just before Show ‘N Tell, we will take a look at the chart. Then during Show ‘N Tell you can come up and look at the chart and discuss it with each other. Show’N Tell: A rock, mineral, or fossil that means a lot to you.  

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