Mineral Council Field Trips

Washington State Mineral Council Field Trips

On Aug 4th 2018 – Sweetwater for Travertine and Sauk River gravel bars for tumbler material.  The Travertine is collected from deposits on the hillside where you’ll want some hard rock tools and safety glasses.  If time allows, they’ll also go to the Sauk River gravel bars for jasper and whatnot, so you may want boots or waders there.  Meet at Darrington Rock Show 11:00 AM.  Hosted by Darrington Rock Club (contact Ed Lehman for more details (wsmced@hotmail.com h# 425-334-6282 c# 425-760-2786).

On Aug 11th 2018  – Lake Wenatchee (Heather Lake trail) for Garnets, Actinolite, Talc, and Citrine Quartz.  Dig and 1/4 inch screen tools, plus boots or watersocks.  Meet at rest stop west of Lake Wenatchee on Hwy 2 at 9:00.  A Discover Pass is required to park in the Heather Lake Trail Parking Lot.  Last year Ed had some screen boxes for sale ($10 or $12) that worked great.  This is an optimal time of year for garnet collecting here because the water is low and WA State Fish and Wildlife protects this stream later than this for Salmon spawning.  Last year the biting flies were terrible so I also suggest head netting, hat, long sleeves.  bug spray, and maybe leggings for any bare skin. Hosted by Marysville Rock Club (contact Ed Lehman for more details (wsmced@hotmail.com h# 425-334-6282 c# 425-760-2786).

For Aug 18 and 19th 2018 – Greenwater for agate, jasper, opal, and petrified wood.  Meet at Enumclaw Ranger St. 9:00am on Sat.  Dig and hard rock tools.  This is an overnight campout if you wish.  Hosted by Northwest Opal Assoc.  Contact Tony Johnson (253) 863-9238 for more information.

   Always contact host the week before, for updated info, details and map.  Click on Field Trips link above for host.

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