Presidents Message

  • Remember to volunteer for our show!!!!! Let Mark know what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. You don’t need to head a committee, you can volunteer to be a helper on a committee. There is a spot where your help will be appreciated. Our show is 5 ½ months away and we need volunteers now, not a few weeks or days before the show. Contact Mark Hohn now to volunteer. Kat Koch CMS President

Meeting Announcements

  • April 12th – General Meeting: Rock Bingo Night

    April 12th – General Meeting: Rock Bingo Night We will need everyone to bring 3 items: polished rocks, slabs, crystals, clay baby, fossils, cabs, carving, jewelry, or a rock or fossil related item to contribute to our prize pool. Please wrap your donation in anything from gift wrap paper, newspaper, to a brown paper bag. This will be a great night for the kids! Be sure to bring your kids and their friends, grand kids, scout troops, or anybody else that you think might enjoy playing Bingo. Everyone will go home a winner.  There will be a charge of $1 […]

  • April 9th – Show Committee Meeting

    Just a reminder that our monthly Show Committee meeting will be at: April 9th – Monday Wendy’s Restaurant, 505 E Smith St, Kent, WA 98030 Show Committee meeting @ 6:30 pm to 7pm This is a status meeting meeting on various areas of the show. Also the time to ask for input from others or to request additional volunteers if you are committee chair. We need show volunteers so please seriously consider volunteering and attending the Show Committee meeting at 6:30 pm. Hope to see everyone at this meeting.

Current News

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