April 23rd 2022 Field Trip To Saddle Mtn (petrified wood)

On April 23rd 2022, we will be going to Saddle Mountain for Petrified Wood.
Meet at the Lep-Re-Con Harvest Grocery parking lot at 9:45, 102 Brian Ave, Mattawa, WA 99349.  This is on the right side as you’re entering Mattawa.  Note that this is a new meeting spot, chosen because they have a public restroom and we don’t have to cross busy traffic as we leave.  Group will leave promptly at 10:00.

From Renton it’s approximately a 3 hr drive (155 miles).

Petrified Wood – Bring dig and hard rock tools, buckets, and sturdy shoes. Bring a jacket because if it’s windy it can get chilly. The road can be rough going up to the dig sites.  SUV or high clearance vehicle recommended.

Roger Danneman CMS (roger.danneman@gmail.com  425-228-8781 or cell 425-757-3506 


Updated: January 11, 2022 — 4:34 pm

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile . . . . The Gem Faire in early November went very well. It was good to see some version of normalcy. I enjoyed all the people, visiting with the vendors, seeing the bright lights and sparkles. Our booth spinning wheel gave out a whole bucket + of polished rocks. It was more than I expected as this was an event that children don’t usually attend. I suppose it’s because more families are attending as there are more and more rock and mineral vendors with each Gem Faire event. Several vendors came to

Meeting Announcements

  • At the time of this posting, we don’t know if this meeting is going to be online or in-person. So check back at the beginning of February to see where this meeting is being held. Either way, the topic will be the same. Meeting Topic: We are going to have a speaker talk on how to be environmentally conscious in regards to lapidary. Where is it ok to pour out the water from tumblers and flat laps? How to safely clean rocks and dispose of chemicals used to clean them. Also, waste products from other lapidary arts. Show ‘n Tell: Be proud, show and tell what you have cut, polished, or made from rocks, minerals, or fossils?

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