Category: Past Meeting Announcement

General Meeting – July 12th

Topic: Gemstones of Washington Bob Pattie gave a talk on the “Gemstones of Washington” at the NFMS Rock & Gem Show in Yakima earlier this year. His presentation was very well received. I thought we would all enjoy hearing his talk and Bob has agreed to repeat his presentation for us.   Show ‘n Tell: […]

General Meeting – June 14th

General Meeting – June 14th Topic: The current Hawaiian volcanic eruption. The USGS and HVO have put out a video on the current eruption of Halema’uma’u and the eruption history of Kilauea. Show ‘n Tell: Show off the volcanic (igneous) rocks in your collection. Magma erupts from volcanoes, the lava cools and forms rocks. Obsidian, […]

May 10th – General Meeting

General Meeting – May 7th Kat will be presenting the awards our club won at NFMS regional meeting at the Yakima Rock and Gem Show. She will also be presenting the awards our club won at the past AFMS national meeting held April 4-8, 2018 in Raleigh, NC.   Speaker: Roger Danneman, Field Trip Guide Roger will be […]