Cascade Gem & Mineral show sneak peek!

Here is a little preview from some of the vendors that will be a part of the show in August! Mark your calendars and RSVP to attend today! Click here. 

Peace of the Earth Jewelry. Her booth will be offering hundreds of pendants, wrapped with sterling silver or 14k gold-filled wire!


Find Your Center – Offering many high-end minerals as well as larger crystals and your basics. Josie has an especially large collection of Tourmalines from Brazil. She also makes crystal elixir aromatherapies! You can check out her Instagram here.

Vibration Heartstones will be selling an assortment of jewelry – earrings, pendants, crystals and cabachons!

Elemental Endeavors will be vending a large selection of minerals and fossils. You can check out her Facebook here!

Forest Fancies – One-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories and other treasures!

Freeland Art Shack – “My stones are mostly all gathered on the western shores of Whidbey Island. My favorite type of stone to work with would be Concretions aka Clay Babies, Mud Babies or Fairy Stones. But since they are hard to come by I’ll work with any type of stone as long as the texture is smooth enough. I paint intricately detailed designs that often have sea urchin like textures when completed. From painting, to drying, to my lengthy resin process, it usually takes 4 weeks to fully finish a piece, sometimes longer. Each piece gets a tremendous amount of time and love for a quality look and finish.

Bunnies on Fire: Calcite indoor fountains, cranberry garnet schist, lizardite.

P & D Agate: “We are a family owned business since 1990. We specialize in rocks, minerals, crystals and beads and jewelry.”

Brittney Muzzy Lynn:“Most of what I have to offer is material found within the US and handmade jewelry!”

Scott’s Rock & Gem: Scott Blair, of Scott’s Rock & Gem has been a fine quality mineral dealer for over 25 years. Scott does his own lapidary work, and ranges the West, on collecting trips to bring self-collected and hand crafted specimens into his market mix. The business also showcases lots of worldwide minerals, serving collectors of all ages and walks of life with one of the widest varieties of affordable and highly collectible crystals, minerals, and fossils on the show circuit today.

Updated: June 21, 2022 — 8:21 am

Presidents Message

  • From the Top of the Rock Pile …. by Kat Koch From the Top of the Rock Pile …. by Kat Koch Thanks to Zach Pratt’s efforts, our general meetings are on YouTube. We do have to work out the camera positioning for the entire meeting. Please give us a month or 2 to get things right. The club intends to make this YouTube Live Stream a permanent thing – so hang in there. Our show plans are well underway. Our show is sold out!  We need a load of volunteers for this event. I will have at the meeting

Meeting Announcements

  • Topic: Our member Zach Pratt belongs to the Black Diamond Historical Society. He will be giving a historical presentation on the Green River and what can be found along the river. Show ‘n Tell: Something you have collected from a river, stream, or beach.    

  • Please note we have changed the month and day of our annual picnic. We had to change the month because our show is in August this year. We changed the weekday in order to accommodate our members that attend religious services. Our potluck picnic and club auction are being held on Saturday, July 9th at the Lake Wildnerness Arboretum. Setup is at 11 am and lunch is at noon. We ask you to bring a main dish, side dish, rolls, drinks, or dessert for the potluck. If you are unable to bring a food item that’s ok too. We would rather have you join us than not see you at all! The Arboretum is kind enough to provide a beautiful shaded area with picnic tables. There is also plenty of free parking. This is a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and engage in some “rock talk.” At the auction, you can always pick up some great bargains. The Young Tumblers can spend the “Rock Bucks” that they have collected on auction items they would like. Everyone comes out a winner. These club auctions help cover the costs of running the club and to keep our dues low. If you would like to donate something to the auction we would really appreciate it.   Afterward, if it’s a warm day you can go swimming at Lake Wilderness, stroll through the beautiful park or take the kids to the play area.  

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